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Magdalena in front of the famous Kościół Mariacki (Kraków)

Magdalena Garczyński Johndrow understands the great impact the Polish community (“Polonia”) has had in the USA and how hard Poles have worked for their savings and wealth. Many Polish people started their own firms, obtained professional degrees, and became successful. We have left a great cultural impact on our communities, through initiatives such as the annual “Parada Padarewskiego” (Padarewski Parade) marching on 5th Avenue, Manhattan to the annual “Dożynki” Harvest Festival in “Little Poland,” New Britain, CT that attracts several thousand people to it each year.

That said, despite how comfortable we are with our lives in the USA, the ability to speak to a Financial Advisor who understands your culture when it comes to personal finance and investment management is invaluable. Given her background, our financial advisor Magdalena Garczyński Johndrow may be your answer!

About Magdalena…

Polish picture
Magdalena at her Babcia’s house in Poland dressed as a “Krakowianka.”

Much like many other Poles, Magdalena’s parents came to the United States of America without knowing English. For several decades, her parents built a successful life for their two children, Magdalena and Filip. It was very important for Magdalena’s parents that their children remained connected to their Polish heritage, so their children graduated from the Pulaski Polish Saturday School in New Britain, CT. Furthermore, Magdalena and Filip volunteered their time with the Polish Scouting Organization Związek Harcerstwa Polskiego (ZHP).

In fact, when Magdalena started her finance career on Wall Street, New York, she lived in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where the largest Polish community in New York reside. 

Magdalena received her bachelors degree from Providence College, with honors, and earned her advanced masters degree from the London School of Economics. For Magdalena’s entire bio, please click here.

Our firm is headquartered in Farmington, Connecticut but we serve many states, including Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida—both via telephone and in-person. If you live outside of Connecticut, please do not hesitate to contact Magdalena.

Work with someone who understands your culture.
Magdalena will serve as a guide for you and your family, building a relationship of openness and trust.

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